We want to help churches form healthy relationships with their global partners; relationships that will last and have transformational impact on the churches and their communities. 


There are a lot of theories out there about what makes for a good partnership between churches. A lot. And surprisingly there is a good deal of agreement about what kind of structures, expectations, and practices should be employed. What is less clear is (1) how many churches are putting these theories into practice and (2) whether those theories are leading to better partnerships. This study is all about checking out those two areas. We expect to find that churches who employ the latest research findings in their partnerships enjoy healthier and more impactful relationships. But we will have to wait for the news to come in. 


A partnership takes (at least) two. Many of the studies of congregational partnerships focus almost entirely on one of the partners in a partnership. While there are understandable reasons to do so; we want to study the relationship. So, we are sending surveys to churches who meet the following criteria. 


It all starts with an email.