Information is great! But it is even better if you can put it into practice. We’ve got lots of ways to unpack our landmark research that we think can make a huge difference in your church or organization’s partnerships. You can read more about what we can do together below. And if you want to take the next step – click here to contact us.


“Flourish” is our new program to make partnerships thrive. It starts with our self-evaluation – based on our research into what makes partnerships flourish – and designed to give you a clear picture of the overall health of your partnership. You can also build on those insights with consultation and workshops tailored to the specific needs of you and your partners.

  • Take our FREE evaluation that will allow you to see how your partnership is doing. Take it as often as you like (every month or two to track the impact of new initiatives, or once a year as a checkup).
  • Follow-up consultation to act on your new insights. So you took the evaluation, but you’re wondering what to do next. We can get you started with an in-depth analysis of your results, comparing it to our research and delivering specific recommendations for a path forward. Choose from either a 1-hour follow-up ($100) or a 4-hour mini-workshop ($500).
  • A 1-2 day workshop that goes in-depth over the findings of our research and creates a detailed plan to implement these findings in your own partnerships. Most people we talk to either want some clarification about what we mean by “partnership,” or they feel unsure about their partnering ministries. This is a great opportunity to address both. Come and get together with your partners and talk about how to build a lasting, healthy partnership (costs vary).

Consulting and Coaching

  • Coaching Sessions because partnerships can be really hard to navigate alone. So don’t go it alone. Schedule coaching sessions to talk through what is and isn’t working in your partnerships. Scheduling and costs are flexible based on your needs, but typically start out with 3 sessions a month (1 hour each) for six months ($250/month).
  • In-Person consultation on specific issues. We will deliver custom solutions to help your church deal with concerns you are facing, plan new projects, and develop new partnerships.

Special Focus Workshops

  • It’s good to build new capacities. If there is a specific aspect or practice of partnership that you want extra training on, we can set up a 1-2 day event to go even deeper. Maybe you just want to know where to start. Or you might want to know more about dependency vs interdependence. Whatever your questions, we can find the answers together.